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We hear all about spring cleaning, but what about summer preparation? Summer is the season where we spend a lot of time outdoors on our balcony or backyard, host friends and family, or you might be selling your home. Here are a few tips to get your home ready to sell or enjoy for summer! 

Prepare the exterior of your home 

One of the most important areas of the home to update is the exterior. A home that has great curb appeal is very inviting and sets up the feel of the home. 

Below are several things to do when preparing the exterior and curb appeal of a home to prepare it for summer.

  1. Mow and water the lawn
  2. Trim bushes and shrubs
  3. Water plants and replace dead plants
  4. Weed and mulch flower beds
  5. Touch up any exterior peeling paint
  6. Paint and/or clean up the front door
  7. Seal the driveway

Update your outdoor space

Focus on your outdoor space as you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time out there! Thinking back to curb appeal, the backyard or balcony is just as important. Make sure your space looks bright, clean and minimal by mowing the grass, updating cracked flooring/decking, and cleaning outdoor furniture. Make sure that if you are going to be hosting in the summer, have comfy and functional furniture for optimal outdoor comfort. Add some outdoor lighting such as lanterns or string lights for a great atmosphere!

Address necessary repairs

Address normal wear and tear. Repaint and fill any cracks in the walls. Fix anything that might be broken or outdated like hardware and fixtures. Replace lightbulbs that are out or look dull. Clean any mildew or water calcification spots in bathtubs and showers, and re-grout if needed.

Whether your home is in mint condition or needs a major renovation, small touch-ups like these can give it a like-new feeling and help potential buyers or renters imagine themselves moving right in.

Keep the home cool

One of the most important tips for selling or enjoying your home during the summer is to make sure to keep the home cool, at least while the home is being looked at by potential buyers or when having company over. If your home is not equipped with a central air conditioning unit, it’s still important to focus on keeping your home cool.

Alternative ways to keep a home cool without central air conditioning include installing window air conditioners, turning on ceiling fans, keeping lights off and blinds drawn prior to showings, and placing floor fans around the home.

Declutter your home

It’s always a great idea to declutter your home when going into a new season. Start by going room to room and decluttering things that you no longer use and consider donating or putting things into storage. Find organizational ways that work for you to keep your home minimal and functional for your family. Try putting away things that you don’t use every day that are still accessible, and keep your everyday items in easy to reach places while still looking organized. 

Add summer decor

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with decor. Add pops of colour to your space by adding bright or patterned throw pillows or curtains, and adding greenery to the space with plants and flowers! 

Happy summer!



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